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MS Project Management Lectures
MS Project training tutorials and lessons, has been prepared by the Project experts on this area. When you get registered to the System, you will be able to watch many free important lectures. After training some couple of important videos, in a few hours you will be able to do your own Projects easly on MS Project Program. More than 50 expert nice explained videos would make you MS Project Professional. You will benefit many sample different sector’ s projects and WBS on construction, machinary, software, organization etc . Besides, you will get your certificate on line after you watched some important videos. System will make you not only a MS Project expert but Applied Project Expert as well. Register now and begin to use the system immediately.

Training Contents
» Fast Project Launch
» Planning-WBS
» Duties of the Organizing - Staging
» Duties of the Association [FS-FF-SS]
» Budget
» Critical Path [Slack-Total Slack]
» Resource Assignments
» Master of Project Management
» Preparing Custom Tracking Reports
» Value Management EVM-Earning
» Special Formula Applications
What System Gives
» Project Approach Theory
» MS Project Lectures
» Sample Projects
» Multi Project Management
» Right Model Of Planning
» Right Model Of Budgeting
» Right Model Of Controlling
» Schedule and Cost Efficiency
» Quality Standarts
» Project Risk Management

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